The Internet High-Fived Megyn Kelly For Winning The Fox News GOP Debate

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Iowa Days Before State's Caucus
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Thursday evening’s Fox News GOP debate went on as planned without Donald Trump, who held his own Iowa event to benefit wounded veterans (though the figures are looking sketchy). In doing so, Trump used his CNN-covered shindig to draw viewers away from Fox News, but some protesters shook things up a bit. It’s not a Trump rally without either tossed tomatoes, protesters, or both.

Over on Fox News, a mostly civilized debate took place. The adventurous GOP candidates who participated (along with moderator Megyn Kelly) paid lip service to “the elephant not in the room” by expressing faux regret that Trump did not attend. Zombie Jeb Bush said, “I kinda miss Donald Trump, he was a little teddy bear to me. We always had such a loving relationship.” Awkward.

Despite Trump’s non-attendance and lack of courage, Kelly largely pretended like nothing was amiss. In fact, her performance let the world know exactly why Donald Trump is terrified of her.

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Iowa Days Before State's Caucus
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The internet noticed how Kelly went hard on Marco Rubio for switching sides on immigration. In response, the usually unflappable Rubio appeared flustered. Will he be the next one to skip a debate?

Kelly also took on Ted Cruz’s wishy-washy immigration stance with some prepared video clips, and the effect was brutal.

After the debate was over, Kelly asked the internet to tell her who won.

But The Daily Show had already delivered an unequivocal response.

Much of Twitter agreed that Kelly was indeed the winner, for the GOP bodies hit the floor in response to her merciless questions.

Of course, the winner may have been decided days ago when Trump ran away to hide in his private jet. Just saying.

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