Meryl Streep Wears ‘Orangeface’ To Mock Donald Trump’s Notorious Tan

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Everyone occasionally cracks a joke about Donald Trump’s glaringly awful tan, though we try to avoid doing so here. But sometimes, the absurdity is just too great, and the context is right, so let’s discuss. From the appearance of Trump’s tan, one would assume he’s going for the spray variety while wearing overly large goggles. He doesn’t appear to exfoliate his skin — odd, because he could pay people to do this, but he also does his own hair — so he’s simply piling tan upon tan with dead skin and makeup in the mix. Some “experts” reportedly went into a panic over those “reverse raccoon eyes” leading up to the first Super Tuesday. They felt Trump should fix the issue to boost his chances for success. In hindsight, that trivial concern is even more hilarious after witnessing Trump’s enduring teflon nature.

Also, picking on Trump’s tan is such an obvious joke, but when it comes to Meryl Streep, certain allowances can be made. If she wants to make an unoriginal jest every now and then, so be it. When the Oscar winner took the stage at a Shakespeare in the Park gala, her Trump costume made waves. She stood alongside Christine Baranski, who dressed as Hillary Clinton, but didn’t spring for a very elaborate costume. In contrast, Streep went all out, adding a mulleted twist on the Trump wiglet. She donned a fake belly to compliment the ubiquitous red tie. The classic Trump spray tan stood as the crowning touch.

Here are some videos of Streep and Baranski onstage at around the same time Hillary Clinton secured enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination. Primary season is almost over, and the two candidates will soon go toe-to-toe in real life.

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