Michael Moore Accuses Trump Of ‘Squatting’ In The White House: ‘Vacate You Russian Traitor’

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Michael Moore enjoyed an extended moment following Donald Trump’s unexpected election victory. He had predicted a Trump win, which gave folks plenty of reason to listen to his future recommendations for Democrats. Now, Moore has had it up to his baseball cap with all of the Russia developments, which include National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s resignation after reports that he was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Late on Valentine’s Day, the New York Times reported that Trump campaign aides were in direct communication with Russia before the election.

Whew. That’s not even all of the past 36 hours of developments, but Moore also tweet-ranted all day and night. The Russia mess swallowed his entire holiday, but no matter. First up, he demanded the arrest of Flynn before placing the blame largely on Trump and demanding his arrest, too. And then there was some impeachment talk.

Soon enough, Moore’s rant began to warm up as he called Trump “traitor” and “squatter” and demanded his presidential resignation. And yes, he dropped a “vacate you Russian traitor” along with the word “impeachment.”

At that point, Moore paused and penned a Facebook post, in which he argued that people cannot be satisfied with mere impeachment because then Mike Pence will be president, and Moore believes he’s just as corrupt (electionwise) as Trump. He ordered an election redo before returning to Twitter.

Moore then put Iran “on notice,” just like Flynn did, but his wrath soon turned to Congressional Democrats, who he called “spineless” for not filing impeachment charge yet. This is getting ugly.

Flynn also paid lip service to the GOP convention speech that went viral, but he didn’t quite touch upon Russia’s reported heavy regrets over Trump. Well, there’s always tomorrow! See you then.