Michael Wolff Feels Kind Of Bad About Getting Steve Bannon Fired

The View finally got their crack at Michael Wolff on Wednesday, after the Fire and Fury author has spent the past week dominating headlines and opening up about his experience from within the White House on various morning shows and cable news networks. The first part of the conversation once again centered around how Wolff gained access into the White House in the first place (“that’s the thing, nobody thought this through”) as well as Trump’s fitness and mental competency to lead.

Eventually the topic of conversation turned to Steve Bannon however, who provided Wolff with a great deal of content for his book and just yesterday, was forced to resign from his position at Breitbart over the ensuing backlash. Regrettably, Wolff doesn’t feel great about being responsible for Bannon’s fall from grace with the far-right.

“It certainly wasn’t something I expected, and it’s certainly not something that I feel good about, he told the panel. “I came to like Steve … I don’t agree with anything, probably 100 percent of what Steve says, I don’t agree with, but I came to appreciate, A) his insights, and B) to believe this was a man who thought he had a job to do, who had his eye on the prize, who was very focused, and who had made this interesting compromise that he was gonna do this with Donald Trump.”

Hey, on the plus side, we may have found literally the only person in America who feels sympathy for Steve Bannon right now, so there’s that.