Michelle McNamara’s Book About The Golden State Killer Is Getting A New Chapter

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The recent arrest of Joseph James DeAngelo, a prime suspect in the “Golden State Killer” case about which the late Michelle McNamara wrote about in her posthumous book, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, certainly made waves when it was confirmed by authorities in California on Wednesday. The true crime writer’s widower, comedian Patton Oswalt, has celebrated what he and many others see as McNamara’s success in bringing the unsolved case to the attention of the masses. Now it seems the team that helped him finish the book is going to add another chapter following DeAngelo’s arrest.

According to The Daily Beast, Billy Jensen, one of the researchers who brought I’ll Be Gone In The Dark to completion, says they “will definitely be adding another chapter to Michelle’s book for the paperback”:

“We will definitely touch on how they found him [and] as much as we can find out about his life,” said Jensen. “We are also building a timeline of where and when he’s been, to see if there were any other reported crimes that could be attached to him.”

After McNamara passed away in 2016, Jensen helped Oswalt and crime writer Paul Haynes finish writing I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, which was three-fourths complete at the time. The hugely successful book is also slated to become a documentary series for HBO.

(Via The Daily Beast)