A Middle School English Teacher Is Wanted By Police After Getting Pregnant With A Student’s Child

It’s been nearly 20 years since Mary Kay Letourneau was arrested and later convicted for having an affair with her then 12-year-old student. While that case was a scandal that rocked the country, it seems like nowadays we can’t go a week without hearing about a teacher having an illicit relationship with a student.

Case in point, Texas police are searching for 24-year-old Alexandria Vera, a former Houston middle school English teacher wanted on charges of continuous sex abuse of a child after she allegedly carried a nine month long relationship with a student, after having met in summer school. The mother of a four-year-old daughter herself, Vera was placed on administrative leave from Aldine ISD’s Stovall Middle School in April after authorities became involved.

Apparently, the two were less than discreet about the nature of their relationship, with the student regularly spending the night at Vera’s home, where she also hosted underage booze parties for other students. Even worse, not only was the boy’s family aware of his relationship with Vera — whom he introduced as his girlfriend during a school open house — but they actually approved of it.

Court documents go on to detail the fact that Vera allegedly became pregnant with the boy’s baby in January, and his family was said to be excited and supportive about the baby. But after an unexpected visit to the school by Child Protective Services in February, when Vera and the boy were questioned about their relationship, she reportedly became nervous and terminated the pregnancy.

Police currently have a warrant out for Vera’s arrest. However, it appears that she may have fled with her daughter. Neighbors report that they have not seen her for days, and a man who answered her door Tuesday says he has no idea where she went. This story is likely only going to get more bizarre as details continue to surface.

(Via ABC13 and KHOU)

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