Mike Huckabee Won First Prize In The Race For The Stupidest Democratic Debate Tweet

mike huckabee
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You have to tip your cap to noted Kim Davis fetishist and relentless Duggar family supporter, Mike Huckabee. He probably heard that Donald Trump would be live-tweeting the first Democratic debate and thought, “Hmmm, Trump will probably say all sorts of impossibly stupid things. How can I out-stupid him and thus, steal the spotlight from him? I know…I’ll tweet some tired racist trope!”

HAHAHAHA…That’s some real good stupid right there, Governor. Congrats! You deserve a doggie pat on the head!


The irony here is that one of Huckabee’s sons has a history of abusing dogs, as Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan notes…

The story, of which we were reminded by an alert reader, begins when Mike Huckabee’s youngest son David was 17 and working as a counselor at Camp Pioneer in Hatfield, Arkansas, in 1998. One day, David Huckabee and a 19-year-old fellow counselor named Clayton Frady came across a stray dog. The pair of young men captured the dog, and then killed the dog (some accounts say that they hung the dog to death; others differ). As a result, both David Huckabee and Clayton Frady were relieved of their duties as camp counselors.

Neither man has commented on the dog’s death in the intervening years, but the fathers of the boys have told different stories about what happened. Huckabee says the dog was killed because it was mangy and in bad health (a weird explanation, as most humans’ response to seeing a dog with mange wouldn’t be to kill it), and Frady’s father says that the dog was already being tortured by other boys at the camp, and David and Clayton simply put the dog out of its misery. An anonymous tip sent to a local animal rights activist described the dog’s death as one that occurred after hanging, and the director of the camp said that the dog had been put down by a vet because David and Clayton had failed to “be kind.”

REMINDER: Mike Huckabee wants to be your president. Just in case you forgot.