People Are Trolling Mike Pence With Planned Parenthood Donations In His Name

Getty Image

Everyone is well aware of the fuss surrounding Donald Trump’s perceived ability to lead the country. He has no governing experience, and he actively alienated women and minorities during his campaign, etc. Meanwhile, there’s a dull roar surrounding Mike Pence’s lengthy track record of aiming to defund Planned Parenthood, which not only provides abortion-related services but also stocks affordable birth control for low-income women. As Indiana governor, Pence also did his share to restrict access to legal abortion. He also signed a law that requires fetuses to be “cremated or interred,” although rumors that he forced women to hold funerals for fetuses are false.

All of these bad uterus vibes — along with Pro-Life Pence being the action man in D.C. as opposed to Trump’s showman persona — have sent women scrambling to secure IUD appointments at either private physicians or through Planned Parenthood. Celebrities like Emmy Rossum and Katy Perry have both made public donations to the cause and asked their followers to do the same.

In doing so, some who are making donations are actually doing so in Pence’s name as part of a troll wave. Every certificate of donation will go to Pence’s office, and this may even be a tax-deductible move. Here are some samples of satisfied wallet openers.