The Internet Called Out Mike Pence’s Efforts To Gaslight The VP Debate Audience

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Governor Mike Pence was preternaturally calm during some moments of the Vice Presidential Debate on Tuesday night. So calm and collected in fact, that he seemed to be completely ignoring and denying concrete, proven facts throughout the conversation.

The internet noticed, and were quick to jump on Pence for his gaslighting of the audience when it comes to subjects like police bias and violence, Donald Trump’s insult-driven campaign, and Hillary Clinton’s experience as a Secretary of State.

At one point, Mike Pence attempted to deny Donald Trump had called people rapists, slobs, or fat even though Tim Kaine straight up quoted Trump’s previous insults and disparaging remarks. He seemed very confident in that fact as well! Which is all part of the skill of gaslighting people to reach your own aims, of course. He even denied that there is any implicit bias in the police force despite evidence purporting otherwise being readily available.

Even though Kaine and Pence both interrupted each other at times, Pence’s condescension and outright lying was far more noticeable between the two VP candidates. Outright falsehoods repeated over and over can appear in many presidential campaigns, especially over many months. But such repetitive claims that go so stridently in the opposite direction of the proven truth is truly something to witness in a debate.

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