This Monster Truck Pulled Off A Flood Rescue In Texas

Because everything is bigger in Texas, a good samaritan in Parker County drove around in his monster truck on Monday to rescue his stranded neighbors after the Brazos River flooded the town of Millsap.

According to local broadcast station WFAA News 8, their crew came across kindhearted monster truck driver Cole Geeo, driving around in his 8-foot high vehicle, and finding people to rescue. One person he rescued was Deborah Wright, who got trapped on her second floor balcony. When News 8 interviewed her by phone, as she waited for her knight in shining monster truck, she said of the flooding, “This is not my first rodeo with this.”

Her friend said of the rescue, “That’s a redneck rescue, I do believe.” Aw. You can see Wright climb a ladder onto the truck, and then land safely on dry land in the News 8 package.

Parker County is in the Dallas-Forth Worth metropolitan area, but flooding hit another part of Texas even harder on Monday. Five people have died in floods in the Houston area as NBC 5 reports, and Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of emergency in nine southeast Texas counties. It’s not all bad news, though. Another news crew may have saved a man’s life by encouraging him to swim away from his rapidly submerged car.

(via WFAA News 8 and NBC 5)