‘Morning Joe’ Co-Hosts Fire Back At Trump, Calling Him ‘Not Well’ And Someone Who ‘Fears Women’

Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough called Donald Trump “not well” in an op-ed in the Washington Post. This comes a day after the president attacked Brzezinski on Twitter, calling her “Crazy Mika” (and Scarborough, “Psycho Joe”) and claiming that when she visited “Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve,” she was “bleeding badly from a face-lift.” In response, the MSNBC morning show hosts wrote that Trump’s “not mentally equipped to continue watching our show, Morning Joe.”

The president’s unhealthy obsession with Morning Joe does not serve the best interests of either his mental state or the country he runs. Despite his constant claims that he no longer watches the show, the president’s closest advisers tell us otherwise… We believe it would be better for America and the rest of the world if he would keep his 60-inch-plus flat-screen TV tuned to Fox & Friends. (Via)

The op-ed also exposed every lie in Trump’s tweets, including the “bleeding badly” facelift. “Putting aside Mr. Trump’s never-ending obsession with women’s blood,” they wrote, “Mika and her face were perfectly intact, as pictures from that night reveal. And though it is no one’s business, the president’s petulant personal attack against yet another woman’s looks compels us to report that Mika has never had a face-lift.” Brzezinski and Scarborough wrapped up by acknowledging that they’ve known Trump for over a decade, and that his behavior has changed over the last few years.

Perhaps that is why we were neither shocked nor insulted by the president’s personal attack. The Donald Trump we knew before the campaign was a flawed character but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check. (Via)

Trump’s tweets also were a topic of discussion on Friday’s Morning Joe, because #2017. Scarborough repeated a story told to him by a “well-known congressmen” who met with the president earlier this year. He was told, “[Trump] scared me because he was vicious when he turned from you to Mika. His face was red. He started talking about blood coming out of her ears, out of her eyes… I’ve been in politics for decades and I’ve never seen anything like this. I don’t know why I’m calling you but I was just scared for you guys.”

Added Scarborough, “He attacks women because he fears women.”

(Via the Washington Post)