Several People Have Been Shot And Killed At Multiple Locations In Munich

Reports indicate that multiple active shooting scenes are ongoing in Munich, Germany. Details are flowing forth, but CNN reports that “several” people were shot and killed at the Olympia shopping center — the largest mall in Bavaria — early Friday evening. This social media video (courtesy of Thamina Stoll) shows people fleeing the scene, which reportedly originated near a McDonald’s at the mall.

A mall employee relayed to CNN that many audible shots rang out, and the premises broke out in chaos. Another witness reported seeing at least one lifeless body with the BBC confirming that many are expected dead. As of now, authorities believe there was only one gunman at the mall location. A man told the BBC, “We see just ambulances and it’s like firemen and police but all this area is evacuated … all the streets are blocked. I see that the people are scared. Everybody [is] running around.” No information is yet available about possible suspects (other than at least one shooter on the loose — we will add updates at the bottom of this post) and police are warning Munich residents to stay at home.

The Daily Star is also reporting a second attack at a Munich subway station, where a gunman opened fire just minutes after the mall attack began. Sky News updates with some video footage of officers and civilians walking away from the violence. At least three are now reported dead.

Stoll is also tweeting about a possible (unconfirmed) third attack near the city center.

Tensions remain high throughout Europe with terror attacks taking place on a regular basis. Germany is on alert after an Afghan migrant recently used an ax to attack fellow passengers on a train. ISIS later claimed responsibility for that horror.

UPDATE #1: Yahoo! reports that at least eight people have died in these attacks. There may be as many as three suspects, none of which have been arrested. A Munich official stated that this “looks like a terror attack” on a live CNN report, which also says one of the shooters may be dead.

UPDATE #2: BBC is now reporting the death toll at nine people, and police are looking into whether one of the dead may have been involved in the shooting.

(Via CNN, Daily Star, and BBC)

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