Nancy Grace Walks Out Of An Interview When Hosts Accuse Her Of ‘Capitalizing’ On Dead Children

On Tuesday, former HLN news host Nancy Grace stopped by the Jim and Sam radio show to promote her new Hallmark series, Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder and Love, based on her book series. From the jump, hosts Jim Norton and Sam Roberts were not about to let the legal commentator get away without answering some tough questions. The overarching conflict begins about a minute into the above video and accelerates until around the 12:00 mark when Grace grows frustrated and then walks out of the interview. “I’ll be honest, I had a problem with you for a long time because I felt like you were capitalizing on tragedies,” Norton said. “I’m sure you were accused of that before. Were you capitalizing on this stuff?” Grace responded:

“As a crime victim myself, I guess it’s the way you look at the world. I invite crime victims on and tell stories from their point of view. I help find missing people. I help solve unsolved homicides. Now, from your point of view, you would say that any news report — say on ISIS, or the hurricane or a car crash, air crash victims — is all capitalizing on misery. So you singling out my show is interesting, but I think inaccurate.”

From that point forward, the interview continued to unravel, especially when the radio hosts asked about Grace’s coverage of professional wrestling. “Let me just set it straight right now,” she finally said. “I’m sorry that you guys clearly don’t like what I do. I feel bad about it. So, there. You obviously don’t like me. That’s okay … the two of you are just so anxious to throw a shot at me.” Grace stated that she felt attacked.

When Norton and Roberts tried to defend their questions as being in the public interest, Grace laughed and nodded, repeating “okay” sarcastically. “Do you have any more questions?” she asked. Roberts repeated his first question of the interview, and Grace haughtily repeated her prior assertions before adding, “If you don’t like that and you don’t like the way I do it, then don’t watch it. Oops! I think your time is up. Bye-bye.”

Roberts then tweeted a photo of Grace walking out the door, lamenting that he didn’t get a souvenir selfie with her.

As Norton later pointed out on Twitter, it is quite surprising that the television host balked at he and his partner’s questions, considering her show is run like a cross-examination.

(Via Law Newz)