NASCAR’s Mike Wallace Gets Brutally Attacked After A Rascal Flatts Concert

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Professional athletes, at the end of the day, are just normal people like you or I. Sure, they get paid a lot more and are in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t do the same stuff that you or I might do. That includes stuff like grocery shopping, going to the movies and even going to concerts. It seems fitting that NASCAR driver Mike Wallace would attend a Rascal Flatts concert with his daughter in Charlotte, North Carolina. I wouldn’t be shocked if he was recognized by NASCAR fans and even hit up for a few autographs, but brutally attacked? That’s not something that I’d expect at all.

Yet that is precisely what happened on Friday evening. According to Complex, three drunk men allegedly assaulted Wallace after the concert had let out only for things to get worse. When the men wouldn’t stop wailing on a downed Wallace his daughter jumped in to shield her father, which didn’t act as a deterrent for his assailants who simply continued their attack. She received multiple kicks to her ribs for her trouble.

The good news is that police have three men in custody for the brutal assault. His brother, Kenny Wallace, who serves as an on-air analyst for Fox Sports has been all over the story on social media, including posting photographs of his banged-up brother (warning: graphic).

The three men were released on a bond with their trial set for July 22nd. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery to Wallace as well as his poor daughter.

(Via Complex)