Nathan Fielder Cemented Himself As An Evil Genius By Masterfully Trolling Sean Spicer

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Nathan Fielder, the host of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, is really good at trolling. After pranking parents, fitness aficionados, psychics, and even Starbucks, the Canadian comedian used his pranking powers (and prowess) for good by starting an outdoor apparel brand that ended up raising money ($150,000) for Holocaust awareness.

Summit Ice, the real brand started by Fielder in an episode of the show, aims to provide quality products while raising money for the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, has probably outpaced Fielder’s other endeavors, so it was probably inevitable that Fielder would have some response to press secretary Sean Spicer’s clumsy comparisons between Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and Adolf Hitler made earlier this week.

On Twitter, Fielder appeared to be preparing to ship a Summit Ice jacket directly to Spicer at the White House. He asked, “You’re an XL, right?”

According to the company’s website:

Summit Ice Apparel was founded in 2015, when Mr. Fielder became aware that his favorite jacket company, the Vancouver-based Taiga, had published a tribute to Holocaust denier Doug Collins in one of their winter catalogues. Mr. Fielder immediately recognized a need in the marketplace for an outdoor apparel company that openly promoted the true story of the Holocaust.

Fielder’s gift will hopefully ensure that Spicer never again makes a Hitler analogy.

(Via Nathan Fielder on Twitter)