The White Supremacist Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc Insists He’s ‘Not A Coward’ After Weepily Going Viral

After appearing in a Vice documentary where he expressed a willingness to kill and called the death of Heather Heyer justified, white supremacist Chris Cantwell released a self-shot video in which he appeared to shed tears. He also claimed to be afraid after learning there is a warrant our for his arrest following the events in Charlottesville, and he believed that the police will kill him. Cantwell has apparently seen the public reaction to his performance and has taken to social media to insist he is not a coward:

“Please be careful. I’m willing to fight and die with you. I’m not a coward. But we are not prepared for the conflict we are about to walk into,” he wrote in a message on the social network Gab.

“Yeah, cause cowards and feds always jump into brawls risking life, limb, and liberty for the white race,” Cantwell also wrote.

Cantwell also wrote on his personal website that he was preparing to turn himself in to the University of Virginia Police. He also has complained about losing access to his Facebook, Instagram, and Paypal accounts for terms of service violations.

“Facebook and Instagram is one thing but not being able to participate in the financial system because of your political opinions is something that, you know, people should worry about in America,” he said.

“I have had no trial, no process of any kind, I have only been crucified by Jewish media and financial outlets for daring to suggest white people have a right to exist, to have a history, to have a culture, and to have a nation.”

Cantwell sure isn’t enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

(Via Raw Story & Time)