A Nazi Salute Sent Donald Trump’s Las Vegas Rally Into Violent Chaos

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Las Vegas
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Donald Trump‘s rallies have grown increasingly violent as his GOP presidential campaign continues. Last week in New York, those protesting Trump’s anti-Islamic rhetoric were forcibly ejected (with one woman being thrown against a door). The incident followed a November altercation where Trump verbally ejected a Black Lives Matter protester in Alabama. Trump repeatedly shouted for someone to “get him out of here,” and attendees pounced on the man with kicks and punches. Trump later appeared to condone these actions by quipping, “Maybe he should have been roughed up.”

On Monday night, Trump landed in Las Vegas with plenty of showmanship (ahead of Tuesday’s CNN presidential debate). The resulting fervor reached a terrifying pitch from certain elements of Trump’s fanbase. There’s no way to put this subtly, but Trump is a favorite of white-supremacist groups (such as Stormfront), who have seen a “Trump bump” each time he addresses immigration or refugee-related issues. This element was alive and well in Vegas where Black Lives Matter and Muslims Matter protesters were greeted with racial slurs and smackdowns. Ten minutes into the Vegas rally, scuffles began between protesters, “friendly” patrons and security.

Before too long, the fifth or sixth fight landed on Twitter.

All the while, Trump “gleefully narrate[d]” the action from behind the podium.

During one of these fights, someone shouted, “Light the motherf*cker on fire.”

And as one Black Lives Matter protester was hauled away, shouts of “Shoot him!” and “Sieg Heil!” were heard from within the rising chaos.

After the rally concluded, Trump took to Facebook with a thank you to Vegas. He added, “There is something special happening out there, and the silent majority — is silent no more! #Trump2016.” Yes, this really happened.

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