NBC’s Internal Probe Finds ‘No Evidence’ That Leadership Knew About Complaints Against Matt Lauer

UPROXX/Getty Image

In November 2017, reports broke of sexual harassment and misconduct by Matt Lauer, including reports of a button in his desk that locked the door. Lauer was quickly fired, although he denies the charges. Since then, NBC has faced increasing scrutiny over other allegations of sexual misconduct, and a new report about Lauer is not going to help the network’s case.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has publicly released an internal investigation that claims the network has no evidence of any supervisor being informed or any claim being filed against Lauer through HR representatives or executives:

The report stated that the investigation turned up no evidence that leadership at NBC News, Today or human resources “received complaints” about Lauer’s “workplace behavior prior to November 27, 2017. All four women who came forward confirmed that they did not tell their direct manager or anyone else in a position of authority about their sexual encounters with Lauer.4 Current and former members of NBC News and Today Show leadership, as well as News HR, stated that they had never received a complaint about inappropriate workplace behavior by Lauer, and we did not find any contrary evidence.

That directly contradicts statements from many in NBC News, most notably Ann Curry, who claims she approached multiple NBC executives on a staffer’s behalf in 2012 before her tenure abruptly ended at NBC. The report claims that many interviewed were aware of rumors and tabloid stories that Lauer was cheating on his wife, but that they uniformly believed his behavior wasn’t happening inside NBC. The fact that the investigation was conducted inside NBC, using in-house counsel and not an outside firm, has also drawn some detractors. If NBC was hoping this would settle the issue, that seems unlikely.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)