Nelly’s Rape Charges Have Officially Been Dropped

Getty Image

In October, Nelly faced an accusation of rape stemming from an incident in Washington during his tour with Florida Georgia Line. According to the accuser, Nelly picked up the alleged victim in Seattle and brought her back to his tour bus parked in Auburn. The woman called the police late that night and Nelly was booked with second-degree rape charges that next morning. Nelly proclaimed his innocence throughout, and today saw the charges against him dropped.

According to TMZ, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office cited the victim’s refusal to cooperate as the reason it cannot proceed with the case. According to her attorney, accusing a huge star like Nelly was too much for her client and brought her a lot of pressure. The alleged victim’s lawyer had previously asked the Auburn police department to end the investigation on behalf of the client just one week after the incident, saying the woman worried that “the system is going to fail her” and noting that people were already saying horrible things to her.

At the time of the initial allegation, Nelly took to Twitter to both apologize to friends and family and to proclaim his innocence. He’s yet to make a public comment on today’s news, but it would be surprising if one didn’t happen in the near future.