Neo-Nazis And White Supremacists Are Targeting Jews In Montana For Harassment


A scary “call to action” in white supremacist outlet The Daily Stormer has resulted in Jewish residents of Whitefish, Montana being targeted and harassed by followers of Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer. Stemming from an article in the Daily Mail in which Spencer’s mother said that the business she owns is being damaged by her son’s views, author Andrew Anglin falsely took her comments and provided his own context and perspective in order to blame Jews for the issues — even though Sherry Spencer never specified that she was being bothered by a certain group or religion.

Certain passages of the article are unfortunately pretty standard these days when it comes to anti-Semitic sentiments being made public. However, some pieces of the post are downright unsettling in the ways he calls out innocent residents of the town. He describes Jews as “vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths” and not only notes which people Spencer’s supporters should target and troll but even includes photos of each person with an all-too-familiar yellow Star of David Photoshopped onto their clothing as if they were in Nazi-era Germany.

Despite Anglin’s insistence that there should be no violent action taken against the innocent people he identifies, he also includes their phone numbers, home addresses, and emails if available. This so-called plea for a “Troll Storm” has also been supported by KKK leader David Duke and is putting lives at risk all in the name of anti-Jew propaganda. Anglin purposely targets members from the anti-hate group “Love Lives Here” and even includes a child on his list. Despite insistence from the town’s mayor that the town does not stand for or support such discriminatory beliefs or practices, The Daily Stormer has continued to call for such practices towards Jewish populations.

(via Think Progress/The Missoulian)