Netflix Just Announced Some Pricing News That Will Leave You Heartbroken


It’s hard out there for a binger trying to get their “full seasons in less than 24 hours” on, and unfortunately, it might have just gotten a bit harder. You’ve paid $7.99 for Netflix’s streaming service for years, but the company’s CEO Reed Hastings has just announced something big coming to Netflix, and it’s not a new series—it’s a price hike.

Start freaking out now (I know I am), but The Guardian reports that the new pricing won’t come into effect this year. That means you still have some time to watch every show you’ve ever wanted at the current low price. There’s more, though. According to Cosmopolitan, Hastings also revealed that Netflix will be encouraging customers to move from their standard plan to HD and Ultra HD plans and the fear is that the company will be doing that by going hard against all those people sharing their passwords.

While this news isn’t ultra-terrible (and we’ve all known it would come), it is a blow to those of us who haven’t yet taken full advantage of the service and have taken the pricing for granted. If I were you, I’d cancel all my plans for the foreseeable future and just watch all of those shows you’ve been missing out on right now. If you start this second you might actually be able to finally choose a movie before the price increase is officially a reality. (That’s if you don’t eat or sleep, of course.)

(Via The Guardian)

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