The New York Daily News Trolled President Obama With An ‘Awesome’ Cover Of Puppies

President Obama Addresses The Nation On Terrorism And San Bernardino Attacks
Getty Image / NYDN

Barack Obama‘s professional life hasn’t been easy since he stepped into office, which is to be expected for any sitting president. Yet many people can admit that the last several months of his administration have been particularly rough. Whether or not one agrees with his political stances, it isn’t hard to see that he’s grown weary of making speech after speech after exhausting speech on mass shootings. He deals with the seemingly standout violence within the United States while battling the GOP on refugees and other taxing subjects.

Well, the New York Daily News isn’t cutting Obama a break anytime soon. The paper wasn’t thrilled with his terrorism speech (and neither were football fans or Donald Trump). You also may have heard that the NYDN went hard on “thoughts and prayers” and met a backlash in response.

Although Obama himself has said “thoughts and prayers are not enough,” the paper was full of piss and vinegar after the past several days. They responded to both the Internet’s criticisms with a sorry-not-sorry message to those they have “offended” with “the truth” following the San Bernardino shootings. They also squarely aimed at Obama, and they accomplished all their goals by sarcastically publishing an “Everything Is Awesome!” cover. The subtitle reads, “Oh, & Bam sez we will ‘destroy ISIS’ — feel better now?”

Perhaps this sarcasm is a little harsh, but the NYDN will never truly lament their style. In case you missed it, here are a few of the other San Bernardino-reaction covers. One of them labeled NRA executive Wayne LaPierre as much of a terrorist as mass shooters themselves.

(Via New York Daily News on Twitter)