Leading Brexit Proponent Nigel Farage Claims He Will ‘Go Live Abroad’ If Brexit Fails

On his radio show Monday night, “Mr. Brexit” himself Nigel Farage answered a question from a call in listener, who did not beat around the bush by asking the host point blank whether or not he would apologize to the people of Britain and quit politics altogether should Brexit cause the economy to suffer. Brexit officially goes into effect tomorrow, on Wednesday March 29, when the United Kingdom will notify the European Union of the country’s decision to leave

Not surprisingly, Farage — who recently fielded a question from a little girl about “why he hates foreigners” — was steadfast in his insistence that Brexit will somehow not be an unmitigated failure. However the response he crafted, after railing on about the parties who he feels should be the ones apologizing, was certainly eyebrow-raising.

Tony, if Brexit is a disaster, I will go and live abroad. I’ll go and live somewhere else. But you know what Tony, it isn’t going to be a disaster. We’ve just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic. The EU does not work, Tony. It’s failing.

Well if he does go live abroad somewhere, we can probably all guess where, given his coziness with Donald Trump and Fox News. To carry on with his nautical analogy, from one sinking ship to another, basically.

(Via The Independent)