Nikki Reed’s Eloquently Crude Ad Sends A ‘C. U. Next Tuesday’ Message To Donald Trump

Nikki Reed went low key after starring in the seemingly endless run of Twilight films. These days, she does advocacy work and now appears in a Humanity for Hillary ad. The concept revolves around Trump’s characterization of Clinton as a “nasty woman” and sends the intensity up to 11. However, Reed performs the script in such a civilized and eloquent way, it sounds as if she’s reading from the opening chapters of Anna Karenina.

This air of gentility sets Reed’s rendition of her lines apart from much of the vitriol out there, and it’s funny. She doesn’t really tackle Trump as an individual but speaks out against all of the men who are like him: “A candidate who reminds us of the worst men in our lives … men who saw a powerful woman and tried to block her rise.” And so she runs down an assortment of labels she’s received while rising past the head pats and directions to simmer down, young lady. The C-word comes up, which seems timely, given how the Texas Ag commissioner recently used the word on Clinton.

Reed lands on this finale while telling “nasty women” to vote:

“To Donald Trump, and to every man like Donald Trump — who grabbed us, blocked us, who called us fat, unqualified, stupid, ugly, and a c*nt — We have one thing to say.

“C. U. Next Tuesday.”

Naturally, we’ve heard many messages like this before with women reading Trump’s insults aloud, but Reed’s delivery makes this an oddly eloquent ad for the C-word to arise. She’s also taking ownership of the word and weaponizing it for her own purposes. Next Tuesday should be eventful, indeed.

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