North Korea Responds To New Sanctions From The U.N. By Firing A Missile Towards Japan

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In the face of new U.N. sanctions, North Korea has reportedly launched an “unidentified projectile” towards Japan. The alleged activity occurs within the same week that the North Korean foreign ministry threatened “a very strong response, with unbearable consequences” over the severe sanctions.

South Korean and Japanese officials say North Korea fired a ballistic missile Friday morning that flew through Japanese airspace before reaching its eventual landing spot in the Pacific Ocean. This marks the latest activity in North Korea’s accelerating rhetoric and missile tests. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Sug addressed the public on the matter in a televised address.

“We as a nation simply cannot accept these repeated provocative acts [by] North Korea and we have lodged our firm protest and while communicating the strong anger from the Japanese public,” said Sug who shared that that the missile traveled over Hokkaido early Friday. “We expressed our condemnation using the strongest of terms.”

The South Korean military has stated that the U.S. and South Korea will investigate the details associated with the latest attempt at North Korean military flexing.

Japanese public broadcaster NHK reports (using information provided from the government) that the missile landed roughly 1,240 miles off the cape of Erimo.

(Via BBC News, NBC News & CNN)