North Korea Decides To Nuke Washington D.C. In Their Latest Propaganda Video

Getty Image / North Korea

North Korea has reportedly released a new propaganda video online that shows the nation launching a rocket at the United States and blasting Washington, D.C. with nuclear fire. According to the New York Times, the video’s subtitles give a dire warning to the United States and its allies:

“If the American imperialists provoke us a bit, we will not hesitate to slap them with a pre-emptive nuclear strike…

“The United States must choose! It’s up to you whether the nation called the United States exists on this planet or not.”

It’s big talk coming from North Korea, and they have been especially vocal in recent months. Just a few days prior to the release of this video, Kim Jong-un threatened to incinerate Manhattan in a seperate statement. Seems like he’s aiming to keep busy.

But should we be worried? This is a nation that makes outrageous claims all the time, including hangover free alcohol. But according to a report over at WND, some like columnist Gordan Chang feel that we can’t just laugh off the nation’s nuclear threats:

“North Korea will continue to test short and intermediate-range missiles,” Chang told WND and Radio America. “They want to show their customers that these things work. Also, they want to rattle the international community…

“What we’re concerned about, however, is their testing of long-range missiles,” Chang said. “They do have two launchers that can reach 48 states. Therefore, we’ve got to be concerned because, eventually, if not now, they’ll be able to put nuclear warheads on those missiles and, therefore, threaten America.”

It’s fairly obvious that they’re not dumping their money into the film and food budget in the nation, so weaponry could indeed be a threat. The real worry should be in South Korea, where tensions are much higher and the likelihood of an attack could be determined by the flip of a coin. North Korea released a second video aimed at their southern neighbor, warning the nation of a preemptive attack if South Korean President Park Geun-hye does apologize for ‘”treason” and publicly executes officials responsible for what Pyongyang says are plans to attack its leadership,” according to Mashable and the AP.

How we will respond should be interesting, at least past the knee jerk response about the poor quality of the video. It reminds you of The Delta Force with its choice of music. All it’s missing is Chuck Norris and his motorcycle.

(Via The New York Times / Mashable / WND)