A Shooting Outside NSA Headquarters Has Injured At Least One Person

Authorities responded to reports of shots fired outside NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland on Wednesday morning. As this CBS News clip indicates, a black SUV, which is now riddled with bullet holes, appears to have crashed into a barricade located at a visitors’ entrance gate near Canine Road. FBI agents quickly descended upon the scene to launch an investigation, and the local DC Fox affiliate is reporting, though a Fort Meade spokesperson, that at least one person was injured by gunfire and transported to a nearby hospital.

Following the incident, a suspect was immediately taken into custody, although further details on that person’s identity and condition remain scarce at this time. In the immediate wake of the gunfire, Highway 32 was closed in both directions but has now reopened to traffic. In addition, the affected gate is still shuttered, but all other entrances to the campus are operational at this time, according to the Baltimore Sun.

In 2015, the NSA remained tight lipped about a similar incident, in which two men disguised themselves as women and attempted to breach a security gate while driving a stolen SUV. Three people, including both suspects, were struck when gunfire was exchanged, and one of the suspects died from his wounds.

This is a developing story, and we will report further details as they arrive.

(Via CBS News, Fox 5 DC & Baltimore Sun)