NYC Terror Suspect Sayfullo Saipov Is Reportedly ‘Unapologetic’ And ‘Bragging About The Attack’

The Halloween terror attack on New York City killed eight people and injured eleven more, and suspect Sayfullo Saipov is reportedly thrilled with the results after he apparently mowed down pedestrians and cyclists on a Tribeca bike path. According to this CBS News clip, police interviewed Saipov, who remains hospitalized for his gunshot wounds (although there’s no clarification of whether he’s still in critical condition) and found that he’s very “proud” of the attack. He also remains “unapologetic” and cemented his lack of remorse by “bragging about the attack.”

Investigators also indicated that Saipov has written at least ten notes, some of which were recovered on the scene (not far from the World Trade Center) of the attack. In one note, the suspect declared that “ISIS will live forever,” and authorities say that they’ve recovered knives, but investigators haven’t revealed whether these were found in Saipov’s rented Home Depot truck or on his person. Saipov reportedly did wield a pellet gun and a paintball gun after exiting the vehicle, upon which police opened fire.

In an NYPD press conference about further findings, Commissioner James O’Neil declared, “All New Yorkers should be thankful to Ryan [Nash]” for stopping Saipov. Officials also told the press that their interview with the suspect gave them reason to believe that he’d been planning the attack for several weeks. Governor Andrew Cuomo added that Saipov was radicalized in the United States.

(Via CBS News & NYPD)

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