Report: The NYPD Is ‘Ready To Go With An Arrest’ Of Harvey Weinstein For Felony Sexual Assault

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Back in November, the New York Police Department publicly stated it was investigating Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault after a number of accusations were made. Many of the allegations against him were believed to be prosecutable. Now, according to The Daily Beast, the NYPD is ready to arrest Weinstein for felony sexual assault, but there’s just one potential snag: Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. When the outlet asked his office if they were willing to comment on the NYPD’s investigation and the possibility of arresting Weinstein, a spokesperson said, “We will decline.”

A source told The Daily Beast that the NYPD is investigating five separate assault charges connected to Weinstein, but one was particularly strong. The NYPD doesn’t reveal the names of sexual assault victims, but the case in question is believed to be that of Lucia Evans, who Weinstein allegedly overpowered and forced into performing oral sex after luring her to his office with the promise of career guidance. A second strong case involves actress Paz de la Huerta, while the other three are still developing.

Evans has reportedly been hesitant to work with Vance’s office after they declined to prosecute Weinstein following a 2015 incident, in which Ambra Battilana Gutierrez recorded Weinstein seemingly admitting that he groped her. However, after NYPD detectives agreed to accompany Evans to an interview, she spoke with prosecutors and was “as convincing with the prosecutors and she had been with the detectives.” Despite all the delays, however, The Daily Beast reports the NYPD may end up arresting Weinstein to force the prosecution to act.

(Via The Daily Beast)