Obama Reported For Jury Duty In Chicago Today, Proving That He’s Just Like Us

As it was previously reported, former President Barack Obama showed up for jury duty at the Daley Center courthouse in downtown Chicago around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, as he’s still registered to vote in Cook County despite the fact that the Obamas are currently living in Washington D.C. According to Chicago’s CBS 2, the 44th president graciously mingled with others there for their civic duty, greeting and thanking other citizens for their service.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans greeted the former president when he arrived in the jury assembly room on the 17th floor of the courthouse. Shortly before noon, Evans announced Obama had been dismissed for the day. The former president had been selected for a jury panel that was not needed on Wednesday, and the entire panel was allowed to go home around lunchtime.

As much as a drag as jury duty can be, those who served on Wednesday felt like they hit the lottery. “It shows us all that I don’t have a good excuse, and it’s an important duty for all of us,” said one man who had been summoned. “So if he’s going to show up, I guess we all have to show up for this.” Another witness, court clerk Sonal Joshi gushed to the Chicago Tribune that Obama was “gorgeous.”

Likewise, there were plenty of social media posts that popped up as folks clamored to document Obama’s first stint into jury duty as a regular American citizen.

And in case you’re wondering, just like everyone else, Obama was paid $17.20 for his time.

(Via CBS 2, Chicago Tribune)