President Obama Mocks Republicans Who Condemn Trump’s Rhetoric, But Won’t Pull Their Endorsements

As President Obama is wrapping up his final term in office, the Commander in Chief is having a little senior year fun and being blunt in his criticisms of Trump. On Tuesday, Obama took a little time out of his day to relish the infighting among the Republican party over Donald Trump’s lewd comments.

The GOP has seemed to be splintered since Trump was announced as their presidential nominee and the recent reveal of his “locker room banter” hasn’t helped matters. Several Republicans have said they are not defending Trump’s rhetoric, but they are not rescinding their support for him as the Republican presidential nominee. During a Greensboro, North Carolina stop for Clinton, the president said he doesn’t understand some Republicans’ thinking:

“The fact that now you’ve got people saying: ‘Well, we strongly disapprove. We really disagree. We find those comments disgusting, but we’re still endorsing him. We still think he should be president.’ That doesn’t make sense to me. You can’t have it both ways here…You can’t repeatedly denounce what is said by someone and then say, ‘But I’m still gonna endorse them to be the most powerful person on the planet and to put them in charge.’”

Prominent Republicans, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio, have said they don’t defend Trump’s comments, but will still endorse him, as they think a Trump presidency is far greater than a Clinton presidency. During the rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, Obama said he was baffled why so many Republicans have taken this long to say they want nothing to do with Trump:

“And by the way, why did it take so long for some of them to finally do walk away? I mean, we saw this coming. He’s been saying really bad stuff for a while now,” Obama said. “What did you think? He was just gonna transform himself? I mean, I’m 55. It’s hard for me to change. I know at 70 it’s gonna be harder.”

Even on his way out of office, Obama is still bringing the wit. The president seems invigorated on the campaign trail andfully behind his former adversary Clinton’s quest for the White House. Don’t sleep on Barry O. You can see the entire speech below.

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