President Obama’s Tense Encounter With Putin Is Getting The Photoshop Treatment

Getty Image

Relations between the U.S. and Russia have been a bit rocky as of late. With the recent wave of cyber crimes and Russian President Vladimir Putin subtly endorsing the Democratic National Committee hack, it’s safe to assume the two superpowers won’t be BFFs any time soon. But the taut relationship seemed to boil over on Monday as President Obama and Putin exchanged an icy stare at the G20 Summit in China. Naturally, the internet was all over the photo, creating an epic photoshop battle by Reddit users.

The summit is usually a time for countries to come together and work on global unity. But the Internet wasn’t buzzing about progress made among bickering countries. Instead, people were fixating upon the death stare shared by Obama and Putin. The photo, taken by photographer Alexei Druzhinin, has made the rounds, and some of the Internet’s brightest minds provided us with the best photoshop takes.

In a little bit of sad news, it was reported that the two leaders did share some pleasantries after the stare, which deflates this fun situation a bit. But I like to think Obama and Putin are getting ready in an intense Rocky IV training montage to settle their beef once and for all.

(Via Reddit & Mashable)