The Internet Got A Kick Out Of President Obama’s State Of The Union Pose

Not since the summer of 2014 has Barack Obama caused such waves with his choice of attire. In this new tweet for the next State of the Union speech, however, the vibe is more about attitude than appearance. Obama could show up wearing any number of suits, but he will likely be wearing this expression as he prepares for battle. This will be his final SOTU, and he’s looking forward to the event.

Clearly, this photo was planned, styled, and captured before Obama set off for his winter vacation in Hawaii. If that wasn’t the case, some folks could be persuaded that it’s a direct response to those who accuse Obama of being “thirsty” for media attention. Perhaps Obama is already aware of these criticisms, which would make this photo representative of more than a second-term president with his eye on the finish line. Or perhaps Obama’s simply pleased with what he ate for dinner. He knows what he’s doing.

On Twitter, this photo dropped to a variety of entertaining responses. Not quite everyone is crazy about a sharp-dressed man, but close.