Watch The Obamas Leave The White House For The Final Time With The Trumps At Their Side

Inauguration Day has begun, officially, ready or not. In the above video, President Barack Obama and FLOTUS Michelle Obama left the White House for the very last time, and they did so with Donald and Melania Trump at their side. With that, they zoomed away in a motorcade on their way to Capitol Hill.

From here, Trump will be sworn into office at noon, and he’s expected to give a short address (that he wrote himself), which you can watch live right here. The crowd is primed and ready with the Trump family — Melania, Ivanka and husband Jared, Donald Jr., Eric, Barron, and Tiffany — in attendance.

Former presidents are also lending their support with George W. Bush making a particularly enthusiastic entrance. Bill Clinton is also smiling broadly, although he’s surely gearing his own presence more towards support of Hillary as she watches her former rival ascend to the presidency. This is sure to be one long and eventful day, so please stick around for our continuing coverage. America has never known a president like Trump, and the next four years will be a roller coaster.

Here’s a longer, 10-minute video of the lead up to the White house exit.