A Candidate For Ohio Governor Bizarrely Bragged About His Sexual History In Response To The Al Franken Allegations

Thursday’s revelations about an Al Franken accuser, who alleged that he kissed and groped her without consent, were swiftly followed by an apology from the Democratic senator, who also requested an ethics investigation into himself. In response to the resulting controversy — and, presumably, the ongoing allegations against Senate candidate Roy Moore — a candidate for Ohio governor has taken it upon himself to brag about the total number of women that he’s bedded in his adult life.

Allegedly, anyway. Ohio State Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill published a chunk of weirdness on Facebook. While doing so, he claimed to have had sex with “approximately 50 very attractive females” in encounters that included at least one instance of lovemaking in a hayloft. Yes, he really posted this:

Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males. As a candidate for Governor let me save my opponents some research time. In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females. It ranged from a gorgeous blonde who was my first true love and we made passionate love in the hayloft of her parents barn and ended with a drop dead gorgeous red head from Cleveland.

Now can we get back to discussing legalizing marijuana and opening the state hospital network to combat the opioid crisis. I am sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.

Well, good to know? Although he’s really missing the point — no one is upset about the number of women with whom any man in power has slept with. These men have been accused of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment, not of being garden-variety lotharios. Still, O’Neill wants everyone to stop talking about decades-old “sexual indiscretions,” so he told us about his own.

Just FYI, that’s the edited version of O’Neill’s Facebook post. screencapped a longer version of the post about his claimed escapades. Apparently, he performed the edit job to remove all mention of where these women worked. He’ll probably be getting an earful from them anyway.

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