Oliver Stone Denies Melissa Gilbert’s Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Him

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Oliver Stone responded to claims made by former SAG president Melissa Gilbert that he sexually harassed her during an audition for The Doors in 1991, saying it was made clear it was a “raunchy” film before hand. Gilbert claimed the director used the audition to get back at her for allegedly embarrassing him in a “social situation,” leading to the audition that left her leaving in tears.

Stone insists the audition and movie set were a “safe environment” and that the scenes performed were from a script and not made up on the spot according to Deadline:

“We auditioned dozens of actors for roles in The Doors and it was made clear from the outset that our film was going to be a raunchy, no-holds-barred rock ‘n’ roll movie,” Stone said in a statement sent to Deadline. “Anyone auditioning was told the scenes would be rehearsed and performed from a script, with my casting director, Risa Bramon Garcia, present throughout the process to ensure a safe environment for all actors who auditioned.”

Risa Bramon Garcia also sent a statement to Deadline supporting Stone’s denial and making clear that the people who auditioned were aware of the subject matter beforehand:

“The auditions process for The Doors was challenging given the nature of the material and the subject of the film. However, every actor who auditioned came in voluntarily and was aware of the provocative material prior to engaging in their scenes.”

“No actor was forced or expected to do anything that might have been uncomfortable, and most actors embraced the challenge, recognizing Oliver Stone’s vision and the creative process. In my experience, there was no attempt to personally offend any particular actor. I always have and still do go out of my way to create a safe and creative space for actors in the audition room. It was no different on The Doors.”

Stone did not address the other complaint against him by former Playboy playmate Carrie Stevens, alleging that the director groped her at a party.

(Via Deadline)