Omarosa Weeps On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ About Being ‘Haunted’ By Trump Tweets ‘Every Single Day’

Newly unemployed White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman surfaced on Wednesday night’s premiere of Celebrity Big Brother — inarguably a role that she seems much better suited for. If there was any doubt that the former Apprentice star was prepared to scorched earth on her former employer, her debut on the reality show should tell you all you need to know.

In a candid moment with fellow contestant, television personality Ross Matthews in a premiere for Thursday’s new episode, Omarosa said she thought of it as a “call to duty” and she felt like she was serving her country, when asked why she would join the Trump administration. “I was haunted by tweets, every single day,” she stated, on how her job quickly became a nightmare. “Like, what is he going to tweet next?”

Omarosa went on to say that her access to the president was revoked when she, of all people, bravely attempted to step in and intervene (and definitely not because of a surprise bridal photo shoot) and that she was outranked by the likes of Jared and Ivanka.

Through crocodile tears, Manigault-Newman told Matthews, “I would like to say [it’s] not my problem, but I can’t say that, because like, it’s bad.” Matthews then asked if we should be worried by what’s going on behind closed doors, and Omarosa nodded. “Because we are worried and I need you to say, ‘No it’s gonna be okay,'” continued Matthews. “No it’s not going to be okay, it’s not,” she admitted. “So bad.”

Strangely, Omarosa seems to be singing quite the change of tune as when she appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her “resignation” back in December.