The Oregon Bundy Militia’s #TarpMan Is The Group’s Newest Internet Humiliation

Anti-Government Protestors Occupy National Wildlife Refuge In Oregon
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Ammon Bundy and the rest of the loosely gathered militiamen at an Oregon wildlife refuge meant to stage a fierce show. The initial Saturday reports of gunmen occupying a federal building struck fear (and confusion) into the hearts of people, but it didn’t last. Soon, the wheels started to fall off. Law enforcement ignored the dudes hanging in a remote area of the woods. The Internet started dropping unflattering hashtags — including #YallQaeda and #VanillaISIS plus #DaddySworeAnOath — then the militiamen got hungry for snacks, and the last shred of dignity dropped out of sight.

Ammon and his pals insist they’re out to defeat “tyranny” through life and death. These guys first said they were prepared to stay “for years.” Folks are also laughing at this parody account from a fake Ammon Bundy, who claims the group is like Rosa Parks:

Less than a week into the standoff, the Bundy militia’s supplies are dwindling, and The Guardian reports how authorities will likely defeat the group. Very soon, the area plans to cut the refuge’s water and power, which could signal the standoff’s end. And not a moment too soon? Bundy militia star LaVoy Finicum admits, “I need to get home. I got cows that are scattered and lost.” Finicum then tucked a gun under his arm and ducked into a blue tarp, but the media found him and the #TarpMan hashtag was born.

This tarp business is so bizarre that Twitter launched a ton of #TarpMan memes. Will the humiliation ever end for the Bundy crew? The Internet isn’t ready to let this militia go.

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