Paris Hilton Is ‘Terrified’ She Could Become An ISIS Target Following The Attack In Nice

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If you were curious about what Paris Hilton thought about ISIS and the concerns surrounding a possible attack by the terrorist organization around the globe, you’re in luck. The socialite, reality TV star, and current DJ is plying her craft in Ibiza at the moment and stopped to do an interview with the local media. That’s when she dropped this quote about the possibility of being targeted by ISIS:

“I’m constantly moving around from one country to another and I’m a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack and that is something that sometimes terrifies me…

“But I’m also a very free person who tries not to be afraid of anything. I just make sure I always watch my back…I always go out alone and without security.”

Hilton cites the recent attacks in Nice and Germany as reasons for her heightened concerns. ISIS hasn’t specifically targeted any high profile celebrities yet, unless we consider Bono’s proximity to the pair of attacks in France, but perhaps Hilton is correct. She’s certainly a well known face and the hotel franchise alone would be a reason to target her.

Now in terms of taking on ISIS, it would seem that Hilton has an edge in knowing who should go forth against the extremist group:

Describing Trump as a “good friend” of her dad and an “extraordinary businessman”, she insisted: “Donald is a very famous person who is in the eye of the storm.”

She stops short of endorsing Trump, claiming that she just hopes the best person for the job wins the election.

(Via Mirror)