The Parkland High School Students On ‘Real Time’: President Trump Needs To Listen To The Screams Of The Nation

Bill Maher invited Stoneman Douglas High School students David Hogg and Cameron Kasky on Real Time Friday night and they clearly brought their A-game for their interview. Both brought the same spirit and media savvy they have become known for to the show, once again surprising the panel later in the show and earning some high praise from Maher in the process:

“You’ve really given me faith that the kids today are actually very bright, way brighter than we were.”

This was mostly due to the way both carried themselves during the interview, including comments like this aimed unapologetically at Maher and others from the older generations that seemingly did nothing.

Hogg and Kasky were promoting March For Our Lives on March 24th and shared some stories about their experiences with lawmakers and politicians since they started to speak out following the tragic shooting in Parkland, Flordia. Hogg even talks about hanging up on the White House when they contacted him about attending the White House listening session before the CNN Town Hall on the shootings. Hogg’s response to the call stands out:

“I ended on this message: We don’t need to listen to President Trump, Present Trump needs to listen to to the screams of the children and screams of this nation.”

The theme of the interview stands with another quote shared by Kasky where he said, “We’ve seen our friends text their parents goodbye. We are the experts.” As he makes clear, the moment is about reminding the politicians and lawmakers that they work for the public and the March For Our Lives is the public telling them “you guys suck at your job.”

They also came back during the Overtime segment at the end of the show, discussing the chatter that they’re actors and making it clear that they aren’t against the second amendment. It’s more about common sense and not allowing a mentally unstable person to purchase an AR-15.

(Via Real Time)