Paul Manafort Reportedly Tipped Off The Authorities About Donald Trump Jr.’s Controversial Russia Meeting

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Considering the recent revelations about an early morning FBI raid in July and President Donald Trump’s hand in crafting his eldest son’s statement, June 9th meeting attendees Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. aren’t having a good time. If a new Bloomberg report regarding the former’s involvement in that fateful sit-down at Trump Tower is accurate, however, his current situation may improve… or not. (It depends on who you ask, really.) That’s because Manafort allegedly tipped off the authorities about Don Jr.’s meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya and others.

According to Bloomberg, insiders familiar with the ever-expanding investigation spearheaded by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller claim Manafort “alerted authorities to a controversial meeting on June 9, 2016, involving Trump’s son Donald Jr., other campaign representatives and a Russian lawyer.” In other words, the ex-Trump campaign manager is the person responsible for initially bringing the meeting to the attention of investigators and — once it leaked — the press. Much of what followed came about due to Don Jr., who released his email correspondence regarding the meeting in an attempt at transparency (that didn’t work).

Considering Manafort’s recent testimony and cooperation with the authorities, the July raid, and investigators’ attempts to involve his son-in-law, it’s no wonder the ex-Trump campaign manager is so eager to help. As for Don Jr., little has been heard publicly from the president’s eldest son, who is reportedly “miserable” and wants “these four years to be over” already.

(Via Bloomberg)