Paul Ryan’s Office Sent An Email To Seth Meyers To Take Issue With Things He Said About The GOP Health Plan

While Sally Yates testimony and Trump’s response managed to hold the gaze of today’s headlines, plenty of attention was still being given to last week’s healthcare vote in the House of Representatives and the impending battle in the Senate to get it onto Donald Trump’s desk. That’s how Seth Meyers handled his Monday “Closer Look,” deciding to spend a little time talking Russia and Michael Flynn before moving into the aftermath of the GOP vote.

While it should be laughable that most of the folks who voted yes on the bill didn’t read it, it’s pretty typical behavior for members of Congress. It’s also supposed to be one of the things Trump ran on during his campaign. Drain the swamp unless that swamp is on your side, right? Anyway, Meyers makes his way through this weekend’s town halls and responses from those who voted yes on the bill but left his most surprising post-script for Speaker Paul Ryan.

It would seem that Ryan had his office send out an email to Late Night in order to correct some of the aspects of Meyers “Closer Look” from last week and also to defend the bill. This does not go well because Meyers and his staff read the email, “unlike Republicans and their healthcare bill.” The host goes over the email point-by-point, using outside sources, Ryan’s own fellow congressmen and one well-timed Bill Cosby joke to blast holes in the defense. Not only that, but footage of Ryan himself from the Obamacare debate goes a long way to undermine what the Speaker just helped pushed through the House.

As Meyers points out, it’s fairly clear this bill was pushed through for “ideological reasons” and our healthcare still pales in comparison to Australia. At this rate, we could bottle some of Bernie Sanders’ laughter and help more people. It might have a better chance of passing the Senate.

(Via Late Night)