Paul Ryan Awkwardly Rode On A Horse To The Border To Promote Trump’s Wall

House Speaker Paul Ryan would like everyone to forget all about the most recent GOP health care vote debacle and refocus their attention upon the House’s fresh approval of a $777 billion spending bill, which just happens to include $1.6 billion for President Trump’s fabled wall. That is to say, Ryan tweeted a strategically-released video, in which his “tough” guy persona hops in a helicopter to visit Texas border patrol agents. The cinematography isn’t stellar, but Ryan sacrifices the medium for his message. Does it work?

The most entertaining part of the footage shows a grinning Ryan sitting atop a horse next to two cowboy-hat-adorned dudes. The moment is worthy of a screencap, but even Ryan’s people knew that a blink-and-you-miss-it cut was more than enough for constituents to grasp the point without embracing parody. This entire video was orchestrated to highlight a demonstrable achievement by the Trump administration (that is, nabbing the promised congressional funding of The Wall), but it happened to land (timing-wise) within the giant void left by a departing Anthony Scaramucci.

It’s no wonder that Ryan kept his announcement so simple. When he posted the above video to Twitter, Ryan simply declared, “It is time for The Wall.” And as if on cue, someone on Twitter reset the whole shindig to Toto’s “Africa.”

Troll level = expert.

(Via NBC News & Speaker Ryan on Twitter)