Paul Ryan Refuses To Answer When Pressed Over Trump’s Claim That The Nunes Memo ‘Vindicates’ Him

Republicans’ ability to routinely get caught scrambling after President Trump contradicts something they said has been an almost habitual occurrence. Case in point: House Speaker Paul Ryan (who recently deleted a tweet that bragged about an extra $1.50 in someone’s paycheck) was more than willing last week to claim that the Nunes memo would not affect Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. However, it took very little time for President Trump to claim otherwise.

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted saying that the memo “totally vindicates ‘Trump’ in probe” and repeated his claim that there had been no collusion. On Tuesday morning, Ryan was asked why President Trump contradicted him, and Ryan responded by distracting from the point and walking away:

“This is about FISA abuse. And this is about holding our government accountable. And this is about Congress doing its job in conducting oversight over the Executive Branch, which in this particular case, has been great power over us as citizens. We need to make sure that power is used correctly … thank you.”

Earlier in the briefing, Speaker Ryan also argued that the press was biased and uninterested in transparency, once again showing he has more in common Trump than he’d like anyone to believe.