A White Supremacist Charlottesville Marcher Who Went Viral Quit His College Job: ‘I Just Want A Peaceful Year’

Peter Cvjetanovic, who rapidly became one of the faces of white supremacy when he was photographed (far right, above) marching in Charlottesville, has quit his on-campus job at the University of Nevada in Reno. He says he just wants to have “a peaceful year” and avoid altercations with students. But his decision to resign might also be a self-protective maneuver amid calls for UNR to expel him on grounds of violating the student conduct code.

Cvjetanovic belongs to Identity Evropa, a white supremacist organization classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. After marching, his Twitter account was suspended, and Black Lives Matter held a Reno protest two days ago, in part to call out Cvjetanovic and the university policies protecting him. But between the U.S. Constitution and school bylaws, Cvjetanovic can’t be kicked out of UNR simply for adhering to white nationalist beliefs.

The political science major had been training for a job with the on-campus escort service, a 30-year-old safety program that employs over 25 students and gives over 30,000 rides per academic year to faculty, staff, and students who need to safely get around campus after dark. According to the UNR website, “All Campus Escort employees undergo pre-employment screening, including criminal background checks and driving record checks.” Cvjetanovic resigned from the program on the day he was supposed to start training.

The Associated Students of the University of Nevada has been looking into the matter and Cvjetanovic was upfront with News 4-Fox 11 that “the less interaction I have with students, the less chance there is going to be to see that I violated the student conduct.” He also acknowledges that his newfound notoriety would make it hard to hold a job rooted in a sense of safety.

“The thing about it, it’s very much a social interaction and requires a lot of trust both ways.” Cvjetanovic said of the escort job. “I quit because I want to have some form of peace at the university. This is my senior year and the people who want me gone — it’s only until May.” It’s going to be a long nine months for Cvjetanovic, no doubt, given how the first day of classes went.

(Via KRNV)