Peter Thiel Reportedly Dressed Up As Hulk Hogan For A Costume Party For Trump Donors

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Halloween came a little late this year for a group of Trump donors who attended a “Heroes and Villains” costume party on Long Island on Saturday night. One of Donald Trump’s senior advisors, Kellyanne Conway, dressed as Supergirl, and the president-elect shook up his usual routine with a non-solid tie but still attended as “Me.”

On a more adventurous note, Paypal founder Peter Thiel reportedly dressed up as Hulk Hogan. Thiel is most famous these days for settling his score with Gawker by funding Hogan’s legal battle that ended in the site’s shuttering. However, Thiel’s reputation as a philanthropist and venture capitalist has also taken a backseat to his semi-enthusiastic support of Trump. So, Thiel embraced two of his most notorious interests in one fancy costume.

At the soiree, Thiel rubbed elbows with Conway, Steve Bannon, and Brexit mastermind Nigel Farage, who dressed as Admiral Lord Nelson. Vanity Fair has the absurd details:

Not one to be outdone, libertarian tech billionaire and Trump surrogate Peter Thiel reportedly arrived dressed as Hulk Hogan, the former wrestler whose invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against Gawker Media, which Thiel clandestinely funded, ultimately bankrupted the company earlier this year, fulfilling Thiel’s nearly decade-long personal vendetta against Gawker. (Unfortunately, no pictures of Thiel in costume have yet publicly surfaced.)

No. Photos. Not a one? This story has circulated rapidly, and it’s hard to believe that no one would have snapped a picture, but the Conway photos that surfaced were all captured outside the party. So, now we’re left to imagine whether Thiel went full-on mutton chops, and whether he favored spandex or feathers for his costume. Perhaps it’s best that we not witness the reality, lest it shatter the dream.

(Via Vanity Fair)