The Phillies’ Famous ‘Pistachio Girl’ Has Been Fired Over Her White Nationalist Views

Philadelphia sports fans have affectionately known 26-year-old Emily Youcis (seen in the above video) as the “Pistachio Girl,” a fixture at the Philadelphia Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park for the past seven years now, where she was beloved for her unique way of slinging peanuts, pistachios, and Cracker Jacks. Youcis’ tenure with the Phillies came to an abrupt halt last week however, after it was recently revealed that she identifies herself as white nationalist.

It all started last month when Youcis was outed as part of what she refers to as a “a white identity movement,” when she became involved in a violent clash with protesters outside of a white-nationalism conference in Washington, D.C. Word quickly spread of Youcis’ involvement, and earlier this week she confirmed on Twitter that she had been let go shortly after.

Youcis also commented on her firing during an interview with Red Ice TV, a YouTube channel that purports to cover issues from a “pro-European perspective.” She said that she was told by Aramark, the food service concessions company that employed her, that she was being terminated because her social media did not reflect the values of the company. In an attempt to defend herself, Youcis claimed that she has never advocated for violence or used any sort of racial slurs, and that the worst thing she thinks she did was retweet David Duke. Youcis said that she’s considering suing Aramark for the so-called violation of her civil rights.

For her former employer’s part, Aramark released the following statement to regarding Youcis’ dismissal:

“A core Aramark value is treating everyone with integrity and respect always. That includes respecting our associates’ right to privacy and dealing with personnel matters confidentially. We can only confirm that the individual asked about is no longer employed after publicly connecting our company to views that contradict our values.”

Perhaps Youcis’ unfortunate views shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, as she can be seen in an Instagram video captured earlier this year yelling that “we’re going to make the Phillies great again” — an obvious take on Donald Trump’s campaign catchphrase.

Here are some other photos and video of Youcis demonstrating her unusual talent, prior to her outing herself as a white supremacist.