A Few Pizzagate Truthers Held A Sad Protest Outside The White House On Saturday

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A few Pizzagate “truthers” assembled outside of the White House today in a sad protest to kickstart a more thorough investigation into the debunked conspiracy theory that stated a sex-trafficking ring was being run through a Washington D.C. pizza joint. Fake news is becoming so pervasive that the fallout is becoming real news.

The Pizzagate Truthers don’t seem to be letting go of the dastardly (and very much fake) plot. They recently stated Andrew Bogut’s injury late last year was connected to Pizzagate, while Edgar Welch, a gunman who “self-investigated” the theory with an assault rifle in December has pled guilty to weapons charges.

This obfuscation of the facts was a common theme throughout the protest. The Washington Post spoke with Kori Hayes, who drove to the protest from Florida with his wife and three children. He said InfoWars was, “the only place you can get the news nowadays where it’s not opinion,” and wasn’t concerned that Alex Jones is rapidly distancing himself from Pizzagate.

According to Will Sommer of The Hill, who was on the scene, the unprecedented retraction Jones made yesterday regarding this conspiracy theory isn’t affecting the outlooks of his supporters. According to them, his apology was not of his own will — someone got to him.

But the motivation behind this protest for many is pure. Some had suffered horrific abuses during childhood, and want to help those in need if there are any. The Washington Post spoke to another man named George who said, “I was a victim of childhood abuse for 12 years. I don’t know if [PizzaGate] is legit or not, but I think it should be investigated.”

No one tell him it was. Actually, scratch that, someone should tell him.

Pizzagate has been thoroughly debunked as a troll job stemming from Reddit and 4chan that was picked up by various alt-right sites looking to expand the baffling narrative. Now we’re here, with Jones admitting it’s not true (while blaming a whole bunch of other sites for running the story), and dozens of people demanding answers to a rumor that has proven to be fantasy.

(Via The Washington Post)