A Police Officer Brutally Beats A Cuffed Woman In A Pair Of Shocking Videos

Two videos, which arrive with a full trigger warning, can be further down in this post. This screencap shows a cuffed Florida woman outside a jail after sheriff’s deputies take her into custody. Things get ugly fast. The woman reportedly became intoxicated and started acting out on her first day working for a Jacksonville restaurant. She appears uncooperative with officers and doesn’t want to stand in one place during processing. One deputy pushes her against a wall. She kicks him, and he responds with — to put it mildly — undue force. This video swiftly turns into another incident where it’s difficult to comprehend law enforcement behavior.

Akinyemi Borisade, a 26-year-old rookie who joined the Sheriff’s Office in March 2015, pummels the woman in an unhinged display of fury. Borisade’s surrounding deputies stand idly by for several moments, perhaps out of shock. One of them eventually approaches Borisade and waves him away from the woman. She sinks to the ground and collapses in a heap. Here’s the jail video, which is actually the second chapter in this story.

After this footage surfaced, Undersheriff Pat Ivey told that Borisade was arrested for battery and swiftly terminated. Ivey said, “There are ways that this could have been dealt with without striking her.” Indeed, there’s not much room for interpretation here. The woman was intoxicated, but could have been subdued without a full-body beating.

As if this incident wasn’t terrifying enough, this isn’t even the first time Borisade wailed on this woman. Dashcam video, which shows the restaurant parking lot arrest, has surfaced, too. He punched the living daylights out of this woman twice, and perhaps Borisade’s partner should have known something was wrong before the party even arrived at jail.

(Via & The Free Project)