Celebrate Up And Coming Innovators With ‘The Next 9’ From Porsche And Uproxx

How do you turn a dream into a legacy?

It’s a question only Porsche could help answer. The brand is celebrating 90 years at the forefront of originality and innovation — a journey that started when its founder, Ferry Porsche, realized his singular vision would only become real if he worked to make it so. That’s exactly the kind of vision and self-determination we want to celebrate with The Next 9, a new series presented by Porsche that spotlights a collection of musicians, artists, visual storytellers, fashion entrepreneurs, chefs, and entertainers who are making an indelible mark in their chosen fields. These trailblazers are channeling the ambitious, intrepid energy that Porsche defines by building atop the foundation of their own dreams and carving out their own legacies in real-time.

Housed within a bespoke digital experience, these insightful micro-profiles will pair with original portrait photography to showcase a bit of the personality and origin stories of these talented vanguards while also focusing on how they define success for themselves and what inspires them to keep striving.

For artist and multimedia designer Sunni Colon, who blends his love of music with architectural design to create immersive soundscapes, an aspirational life means building art installations and crafting unique sounds while cementing a legacy for himself that inspires others. For filmmaker and photographer Lauren Dunn, who has partnered with cutting edge popstars and global icons to create art that subverts expectations, aspiration simply means not taking no for an answer or accepting anyone’s limits for her as she works to create work that moves people.

These creative trailblazers (who you can meet in the above trailer) and the others included within The Next 9 embody the fearless drive, imagination, and caliber synonymous with Porsche. They also embody our focus on remarkable talents who power culture. We’re so pleased to share their stories with you. Please do follow along here.